This article impacted me as I contemplated my walk with God through the years. My excitement and innocence as a new believer was pure and perfect! I thought the world was perfect too…at least christian’s anyway. However, as I walked with the Lord for a bit, I noticed that christian’s were not as perfect as I thought. Some even disappointed me! Can you imagine? (LOL) So, maybe, if I’m honest, I may have gotten discouraged…a little. I kept walking with the Lord though, going to church, attending all of the Bible studies and gatherings I could, and trying to walk that straight and narrow path. Years later I became slightly bitter of those professing Christianity when I could clearly see now that they were hypocrites! I started to pull back, not trust, and doubt God and humanity! What snapped me out of this mentality? Of course…God. He reminded me through His Word that my eyes were focused on the things of this earth for perfection. I was looking for perfect people! I think we all have this tendency at times, because we are NOT perfect! My lesson? Keep my eyes focused on Truth, our perfect Father and Lord and Savior. Then, all the imperfections of the world won’t bother me some much.

Take a few moments and read the article I shared on The Morning Mix recently. It will be worth your time!