I have been privileged to serve alongside the amazing ministry of Compassion International through the years. Traveling to third world countries and seeing the Children’s Projects first hand is not only eye-opening, but life changing. It is always preferable to sponsor a child in the country you’re going to visit so that you can actually meet them. This particular trip, I felt that I was already over-extended financially, so I opted not to sponsor. The Lord had a better idea, though, because  when I was sky high on my way to Ethiopia, He spoke very directly to me regarding this:

“I have a child for you to sponsor.”

I didn’t argue.

The moment we touched ground, I contacted the radio station where I worked and told them to please pick one of the children in the project that I would be visiting.

They arbitrarily chose Alemitu. Remarkably, we shared the same birthday and the person who chose the child was unaware of that remarkable fact.
When we arrived at the project, there was one little girl waiting at the gate for the American visitors.

Alemitu. Beautiful Alemitu.

She had just been told that she was sponsored. When I got out of the vehicle, she instinctively knew it was me and she jumped up into my arms, and DID NOT LET GO for 2 hours. Her mother was ecstatic that her daughter was chosen, but made it very clear that she wanted nothing to do with God, but she was more than happy to let her child know more about Him.
Later that day…
We made the journey to their home, which is customary when a child is sponsored, distributing gifts of food, praying for the family, introducing them more formally to the ministry that will provide for them throughout the course of sponsorship etc.

I had brought what I consider to be a very successful tool to evangelize, something called and E-van-ge-cube. I shared it with the household. Suddenly, I caught the far off look of Alemitu’s Mom. She went off to sit by herself for awhile. Soon after that, she asked the translator to come with her to ask me how she could be forgiven, she realized she needed Jesus.
We prayed, we cried, we laughed and hugged.

Her countenance went from heavy laden to shear delight.

In less than one year, this woman died.

Alemitu wrote me and said that her mother was with Jesus because of the decision she had made the day we were together in the hut.

Please sponsor a child today. There are so many suffering apart from God and His love, YOU can make a difference!

One way to respond is to text the word Compassion to 419-867-8673. Thank you.